Meet the Vendor – Sammy & Lola

//Meet the Vendor – Sammy & Lola

Meet the Vendor – Sammy & Lola

Maryanne Priestley – Sammy & Lola

Tell us about yourself…I’m a wife, mum, and crazy OCD boss babe. Seriously…..I’m Maryanne (not Sammy or Lola) and I am one half of the Sammy & Lola duo. Some say i’m the face of Sammy & Lola, chief-of-inspiration, the voice at the end of the phone and the one who will help you light up your special day.

Tell us about your business… When you visualise your perfect day do you see your guests exclaiming – “wow” – as they walk into the room? We know you want to stand out. We know you have a unique style you want to stamp out on your wedding day – we think you just might be the perfect Sammy & Lola bride.

Sammy & Lola was created for brides and grooms who want wedding lighting as unique as they are.

Our premium range of marquee letter lights are completely self standing and coming in at just under one metre tall, our marquee lights are a striking addition to any space, and there is no chance they’ll get lost in the crowd. Changing the mood of your event is as easy as adjusting the illumination with the touch of a button.

Sammy & Lola also have an exclusive range of neon lighting, just like our marquee letter lights, our neon signs are all designed in house and made using highest quality premium products.

That’s not all, at Sammy & Lola we also have a range of festoon lights in various lengths and drops.

Describe a typical day in the life of Sammy & Lola? When i’m not doing the usual household and/or mum duties, you will find me on the road. My days are either filled with lighting up events with our “RAD” crew, venue and site inspections and emails.

What inspires you? As a business person, when people say, “that wont work” or “that can’t be done” – that inspires me to push the boundary, make it work, hit those goals and prove that I can do it, I will do it and I like to believe I can.

On a personal level, I like to people watch. People inspire me everyday, whether it’s through hardship, big wins or just being themselves, I like to see the beauty around me and that inspires me.

What has been your most popular product this year? Our marquee lights are always our most popular product, but this year has seen a new trend and that’s neon. Our neon signs are becoming more popular every day. They are not for the faint hearted, they are bold and beautiful – perfect for those that want to make a real statement.

Favourite soundtrack to listen to while you’re working? RnB Fridays, but not just on Fridays, Imagine Dragons, Alanis Morrisette or good old Prince. Can’t go past a tune that I can belt out when i’m having a tough day or just need a break from it all.

What is your favourite part of any wedding? For me it has to be the first dance, its usually when our lights feature and really set the mood. Followed closely by couples first look as they walk into their reception. When I get these pics from our couples that the photographer has captured perfectly, it makes my heart swell with pride and love. I know I have done the best I could and have showcased the best product for my couple and I know that they are truly happy and appreciate the long hours and time that we put into each and every event.

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