Meet the Vendor – The Evoke Company

//Meet the Vendor – The Evoke Company

Meet the Vendor – The Evoke Company

Mathew Sacco – The Evoke Company

Tell us about yourself… We are The Evoke Company.

Casey is the gorgeous marketing and client manager. She handles everything from emails, albums, accounts and runs the show here at Evoke. Matt (which is me the guy writing this) is the photographer at The Evoke Company. I’m the guy out and about talking photos of all these amazing weddings, parties and capturing your family portraits.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and love to bring our fun-loving and laid back personalities into our work. We are relaxed, down to earth and love having a good laugh. If you lived next door to us you could definitely hear us cracking up late at night. Chances are its mostly Casey pissing herself in laughter over my rad dance moves or classic impersonations.

You can usually find us heading out on road trips, searching for the best coffee or depending on time of the day pizza. Pizza is life! Pepperoni is where it’s at people. If you need our recommendations we are more than happy to share our research of the best places we have been too. Besides pizza, we also love to kick our feet up when not in work mode and chill in our super comfy bed or down by the ocean.

We also share our house with two crazy yet beautiful kids. They bounce between our house and their mums. They are our world and we love when they are home. Talon is our little guy. He is 7 but looks like a 12 year old. He is a massive footy head. Ask him about any NRL team and he will probably tell you the stats on any of the players. Violet is the our pretty princess. She is definitely miss independent and loves her own space.

Tell us about your business… The Evoke Company is a photography business that specialises in weddings, portraits and commercial work.
We are best known for our weddings.

Describe a typical day in the life of The Evoke Company? Wake up and pop the coffee on. I need that fix to kick my butt into gear. Then I probably procrastinate for a good hour before actually tackling my workload. Have a quick glance at the emails and then usually get stuck into editing / culling throughout the day. Mix in a quick swim with the kids over summer or a sneaky trip into our local coffee spot in kiama to get out of the office for a bit. Then back in the office to either prep for upcoming weddings or getting sorted for a shoot later in the afternoon. Nothing fancy. Just good hard work and possibly once the second coffee kicks in we crank the music in the office and jump around like idiots. We’ll I’ll speak for myself. Case might be not as crazy as me 😉 After work we usually get kids sorted for bed and then kick our feet up, check instagram and pop on some netflix to unwind.

What inspires you?
My fiancee, my kids and my work.
I love what I do!!! Its a blessing be able to do what you love.
I feed off my couples and the love they have for each other.
It’s such a special and important job we have but also one of the most rewarding.

I’m also inspired by other things in my life such as the ocean, interior design, travel photography, and just all-round good design whether its branding, packaging, art. I come from a graphic design background previously so that plays a big part in my personality and things that inspire me and that I like.

Why is your work different to other photographers?
I love to create intimate and candid photos that represent each of my couples.
My work is different because I bring my own personality into my business.
No-one can recreate what you see and how you interpret a scene or story of a wedding day.
I bring a lot to my business by continuing my craft and exploring different ways on how to up my game with story telling and capturing defining moments.

Essentially I live and breathe my business. What you see is what you get.
I’m relaxed, care-free, helpful, creative, romantic, a little crazy and a million other things that make me unique.
Hopefully you can see this within my work and images I produce and take.

Tell us about one of your favourite venues to shoot and why?
Tough one. Each has its own merits and has something unique.
I have a lot for various reasons but some of my favs due to the weddings I’ve photographed are:

Bush Bank, Kiama – has one hell of a cracking backdrop of the ocean and Kiama in the background. Couples can make it uniquely there own with styling and tends towards more of a fun, laid back vibe which is right down my alley with the dancefloor usually rocking later in the night! Complete with a cottage, old ruins, massive fig tree’s it definitely ticks a few cool backdrop options.

Driftwood Shed, Terara – You guessed it. Its super quirky and has heaps of rad backdrops as well. The wharf at sunset always produces the goods and just another great venue with plenty to offer.

Montrose Berry Farm, Sutton Forrest – This is right up there with my favs. Shot some killer weddings here over my time. The grounds have a lot to use and with tree’s and flowers changing according to the season.

Hopewood House, Bowral – I’ve only had the one wedding there but this place was incredible. The grounds, location and venue is gorgeous!

Others without fully getting into detail are Summerlees, Ravensthorpe, Bendooley Estate, Jaspers. It’s kind of hard to put into writing because I’m a fan of most venues for various reasons. Venues with very friendly and helpful staff always are a winner for me because it just makes the day run super smooth and stress free. I tend mostly for the laid-back vibe with ceremony being outdoors and an intimate reception feeling nice a cosy to create atmosphere.

Favourite soundtrack to listen to while you’re working? Usually anything 90’s rates pretty highly. Although something more mellow for the office when editing or culling like Sia, Ben Howard, Vera Blue, Rationale is on playlist constantly.

What is your favourite part of any wedding? All of it! Each part of the day is special. The are little moments that go unnoticed and don’t seem like much but when you look back you can see how special these are. I just find each connection and relationship is different and its amazing to see these throughout a wedding day. Most of the time its the speeches that can sneak up and get you though. I’m not one to cry but geez i’ve been borderline wiping away tears before hearing speeches. It gives a deeper look into the couples relationship with their family, friends and each other.

Any stand out moments from weddings you have photographed this year? Too many! I’ve met so many incredible people that I cant bring myself to pick any stand out moments. 

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