Meet the Vendor – Terrariums by Brooke

//Meet the Vendor – Terrariums by Brooke

Meet the Vendor – Terrariums by Brooke

Brooke Vince and Mitch Gleeson – Terrariums by Brooke

Tell us about yourself… We live in Thirlmere NSW. Mitch is a concreter by trade & I have been lost in the career subject until I began Terrariums by Brooke. Mitch loves footy & golf & I am studying to be a yoga teacher, oh and a soon to be potter – the clay throwing kind! We are both keen travellers, recently we road tripped from Darwin to Broome which was a m a z i n g! Next is a van that doubles as wholesale plant transporter + a home on wheels!

Tell us about your business…
We grow succulents everywhere in the yard! Some cacti and now indoor 70s style plants. I have a love of rhipsalis, ferns, peperomia & monstera! We make concrete planters, timber planters, glass terrariums, and succulent bomboniere! I do freelance plant styling & also planting workshops. We have some a new variety of super low maintenance indoor plants coming for Christmas time and some magical fairy gardens!

Describe a typical day in the life of Terrariums by Brooke? A typical day starts with a coffee and a tinker around the yard. I’ll always put on a hat first, then I’ll water plants, pull out any weeds and get sidetracked by new growth or a change in plant colour! I get sidetracked a lot. I spend a lot of the day in the yogi squat, taking cuttings, it’s my meditative state. Depending on the days weather, I’ll move pots in a shady position or if it’s going to rain I’ll empty the potting shed so that all of the plants get a big drink. Rainwater is the best! When potting, I like to set up a super tidy workstation with everything laid out neatly and then begin.

What inspires you? My mum is my inspiration. She planted the green seed in me a long long long time ago. I remember she would bring all of her ferns inside, we would deal with huntsman for a plant covered house. Mum taught me to love and believe in the plants, which is why I think I have such a huge success rate in growing and propagating them.

Why is Terrariums by Brooke different to other succulent businesses? There is beauty in each and every planter. I love plants. They are a necessity in my life. I preach plants, find a way to get them in to every conversation. You should see me in big commercial greenhouses, I lose the plot. TBB is our creativity. We love working with our hands. Mitch is a concreter by trade. He is the maker of the pots & planters. I am the gardener. We are good team! Our backyard where we work is full of chirping birds, plants, our dog Tess, shade and sun, trees & a couple of isa browns. The space alone gathers love and life, maybe that’s why we are different.

Favourite soundtrack to listen to while you’re planting? I have so many. To narrow it down, I love blues, roots, folk, country and generally anything pre 90s! Haha!

What is your favourite part of any wedding? The emotions. I love seeing all of the tears, the laughing in speeches, the dances & the happy sobs! A plant is the most amazing gift (i think) that will always remind each guest of the beautiful beginning of a couple. Plants remind us that we are simple. We need love, earth, water and sunshine to grow. We are also very resilient to change and have strength to adapt.

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