How much should you spend on your wedding?

//How much should you spend on your wedding?

How much should you spend on your wedding?

‘How much did you spend?’ Is probably the most common question Ive been asked since my Wedding. And I don’t have a problem telling people how much we spent because I was comfortable with our budget, knew this was something we could afford and still had the wedding of our dreams.

I got engaged to my Prince and I was going to create this fairy-tale day I had formed in my mind for all the years we had been together. It was going to have unlimited fairy-lights, Tiffany chairs, every person we knew, a room full of flowers and the most magical, magnificent dress you had ever seen. Once the research began, the costs started adding up. More than I could ever have imagined – I kept forgetting I wasn’t a millionaire.

My partner is a realist in regards to money but he wanted to make me happy. According to a survey conducted by Bride to Be magazine in May, the average Australian wedding was costing couples $65,000 – which was bit out of our league! So together we decided on a figure and then got to work incorporating our wedding wish list within a $15,000 budget.  We still had the fairy-lights, flowers, Tiffany chairs and my dream dress; just not on such a grand scale. We were the ultimate DIY couple, building our own lawn games, making our own bouquets and doing anything else we could achieve ourselves. But this made our day even more personal and special for both us and our guests.

About a month later, our friends celebrated their big day.  They spent over 4 times the amount we did which was perfect for them and no one compared the two. Everyone enjoyed each wedding equally as they were perfect for each couple.

So how much should you spend? The simple answer: Spend however much you want! However much you can! As long as you are happy with everything. There is nothing worse then arguing over money, and it’s not a great way to begin your life as a married couple. There are so many extravagant details or budget friendly alternatives to make your dreams come true with what you can happily, and comfortably afford.

Make your dreams come true. It is your day after all!

Loving Love, JJ

Photo: Me and my prince on our wedding day, holding my DIY bouquet Captured by Lea

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