A Bucks Party Checklist

//A Bucks Party Checklist

A Bucks Party Checklist

A Bucks Party Checklist – by Ultimate Karting Sydney

The big proposal has happened. The engagement party has been held. The date for the big day has been set, and everyone is on board. For the lads involved in the wedding, this inevitably means one thing – the bucks party!
Men don’t have the same sensibilities when it comes to planning and executing an event to remember, so we’ve put together a handy bucks party checklist to make sure your last big bachelor bash goes off without a hitch!

Item #1: A date

Picking a date is important in the early bucks party planning phases. Not only do you need to ensure that buck and his crew are all free, but it needs to be wisely chosen so that you don’t come up against last-minute obstacles – The Hangover-style. Gone are the days when a bucks party is held the day before the nuptials. Select a date a number of weeks before the wedding itself. That way the groom is fresh and ready for one of the most important days of his life (and isn’t missing!)

Item #2: A venue

Traditionally, a bucks party or “stag do’” involved hitting the town with no plan of action, but times have changed, and men have altered the way they choose to celebrate. Whether it’s a boys weekend away in the bush, a civilised meal or a day spent learning to make their own craft beer; most guys are choosing to bond with their mates over a riotous night out. Whatever you opt to do to commemorate the occasion, have it set in stone with a booking well in advance and confirmation of the exact number so that you aren’t left out of pocket.

Item #3: A dress code

Make sure the attendees know the score when it comes to how to dress for where you are going. If a long weekend in nature is planned, this won’t apply. However, if you are planning something a little more refined, let your mates know that thongs and stubbies won’t cut it.

Item #4: A safety plan

Friends look out for each other, so having a plan in place to make sure everyone gets home in one piece is important. If your function involves the need to drive, ensure a designated driver is assigned. If you all intend on getting a little loose, take a taxi or Uber. Set a location in advance so that if anyone in the crew goes MIA, everyone knows where to reconvene. It’s a fun night everyone looks forward to, but a safety strategy will save a lot of hassle!

Ultimate Karting Sydney are the experts in bucks parties in Sydney, and our fully hosted bucks party packages take the hassle out of planning. The boys will love showing off their skills on our challenging indoor karting track, and the option to book your very own function room, complete with host and delicious catering, is a no-brainer. Plus, UKS are fully licensed, and a trackside bevvie will keep everyone in good spirits. Whether you’re the buck planning his big night himself, or the best man tasked with pulling off an incredible event, a checklist is a sure-fire way to make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

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